The O.C. Flashback: Julie Cooper’s Romance With Luke

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Watching The O.C. on Netflix, I’ve been revisiting the episodes where Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke) has the affair with Luke (Chris Carmack), further complicating the relationship with her daughter Marissa (Mischa Barton).

I just finished watching episodes 21-23 from season one, “The LA,” “The Nana” and “The Proposal.”

 In “The LA, ” Marissa finds out that her ex-boyfriend Luke has been sleeping with her mother. And from there, Marissa runs off to Chino to escape everyone, but Ryan chases her down and brings her back.

When Marissa returns and faces her mom, at least Marissa can use the secret as a weapon so her mom can’t make her talk to the counselor or force her to live with her. Julie doesn’t want Caleb or Jimmy to know (though they both find out eventually anyway). It doesn’t work very long though because Caleb blackmails Marissa into staying with her mom to protect her dad later on.

By the way, if you are a Melinda Clarke fan, you will be happy to know she will be guest starring on The Vampire Diaries in the near future. And from what I hear, she will be playing a cougar once again!

Of course, you can watch Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan) on Southland on Tuesdays on TNT.