I Hope I’m Not The Only Person Who Cares About The Newsroom Trailer

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I Hope I m Not The Only Person Who Cares About The Newsroom Trailer The Newsroom trailer screen shot season two May 2013 jpgI’m realizing more and more lately that I’m one of the only people I know who watches The Newsroom, and frankly, little gremlins, that’s a crying shame. It’s on HBO with the likes of Girls and Veep, two shows that I watch with varying degrees of openness (yes! I watch Veep! …yesIwatchGirls…sigh), and it’s pleasantly layered so it doesn’t overlap with either of them, even though it is on Sunday nights (Sunday, July 14th at 10:00pm, to be exact), with every other show I have any intention of watching, ever. Nothing to be done about that, I suppose.

But you have to watch this show! It’s so smart! It’s created and written by Aaron Sorkin and he uses real events from the past, so in season two they’ll be covering Occupy Wall Street and the Romney campaign. It’s a great way to feel way smarter than a whole cast-full of intelligent newsroom employees, since we all know how these stories turn out, and which ones they should be focusing on. Like last season when they were deciding whether to cover the BP oil spill, whether it was a big enough deal or not, I was sitting in my apartment feeling prettttty high and mighty that I knew the answer A YEAR LATER. And if you don’t keep up-to-date on the news, it’s a great way to be only a year to a year and a half behind on all the hot button issues. Don’t believe me? Watch this trailer.

No but seriously guys, don’t be the reason this show doesn’t get renewed for a third season. It’s so smart and funny and everyone on it is so talented. There’s Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer and their tantalizing sexual chemistry, Alison Pill just not seeing how ridiculously date-able Gallagher Jr. is, which I am now completely aware of, in case anyone was keeping track. It’s a bangin’ cast, with amazing dialogue and an addictive plot, and if that trailer is any indication, shit is about to get super real. There’s some kind of wrongful termination suit happening, so the whole staff pretty much has to get deposed. I like it, I love it, and I want more of it.