Remain Calm, Fans Of Good Television, Because The Newsroom Will Return In July

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The Newsroom Season 2 StillHey. Hey you there. Did you, like me get hooked on the first season of The Newsroom when it premiered on HBO last year? And then did you, like me, get further hooked on House Of Cards when it premiered on Netflix this past year? And finally did you, like me, blow through those House of Cards episodes and then happen to notice that The Newsroom hasn't been on for over a year? And now there's no sharp, witty, ascerbic real-life drama for me to watch over a generous tumbler of scotch? DID YOU HAPPEN TO NOTICE THAT?

Well calm yourselves, ladies, gentlemen, and fans of good television alike, because The Newsroom will be returning to your television screens your roommate's best friend's uncle's HBOGo account on July 14th of this year. (And yes, of course that's a Sunday. Why wouldn't it be? You want to watch six hours of television every Sunday night and thirty minutes the rest of the week, right? Cool.)

The trailer reveals absolutely nothing except lights getting turned on in various areas of the newsroom (seriously, what is it with teaser trailers, lately? Just hit me with the real trailer! I can take it!), but I'm so excited that I basically forgot to be mad. Instead, my mind just got flooded with memories of exactly how good this show is, and how excited I am for the right people to get back together again. Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) and MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer) are still pretending they aren't made for each other, and I have a lot more falling in love with John Gallagher Jr. to do as he awkwardly woos Allison Pill as Maggie Jordan. Oh man you guys, this show. I'm so excited. And it's actually perfect timing, because it'll help me wean myself off of Veep right as it wraps up its second season. Thank you, HBO. Just thank you.