If This Is The New Ramona Singer On Real Housewives Of New York, I’m Really Glad I Never Knew The Old One

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I feel like two or three times in the last couple episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City, I've heard resident Queen of Crazypants Ramona Singer make reference to the ‘new Ramona' versus the ‘old Ramona'. These comments mostly come about when she feels she's being antagonized, and she seems to use the comparison to illustrate that the new Ramona is much better at handling crises and minimizing drama than the old Ramona was.

…which makes me quake in my boots in fear, because even today, Ramona is in no world a skilled human at handling anything. I don't know how she is off-camera, and if her whole personality is just a stunt, but on the show, her complete lack of sanity is, frankly, terrifying. What does she think she went through to divide her personality into new and old? Did she go through some kind of therapy? Because if so, I don't know if it took. So far this season, I think she's gotten in an argument with every single Housewife, even her bestie Sonja Morgan, telling her, “You're disappointing me as a friend right now,” when she didn't completely and totally support Ramona in her fight with Heather Thomson. She's sparred with LuAnn du Lesseps over the prank of the wine game, with Heather over being fake, and with Aviva Drescher over everything from getting her prosthetic leg wet and bringing up her ex-husband Harry Dubin too much. The only person I can't remember her arguing with is Carole Radziwill, but I'm probably just not remembering correctly.

This bitch is a one-woman crazy factory who screams at you for the entire thirty seconds it takes to get her argument out, and then vanishes into the depths of the party before you can get a word in edgewise. She has an opinion about everything, and she'll flash her crazy eyes and shake her crazy hair at you until you understand that. She's obviously completely unhinged, and if she seriously thinks she's now a better version of her old self, that somehow worries me even more.

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