Your Guide To The Best Parts Of The Muppets’ Super-Long Blooper Reel

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With The Muppets coming to video soon, it's no surprise that the blooper reel has started circulating online. And it's a doozy; it clocks in at over eight minutes. The crew poked fun at themselves, calling it “The Longest Blooper Reel Ever,” but it takes a really hilarious movie for you to sit through that much time of people cracking up. And as delightful as the movie was, I've seen way funnier reels. See, the weirdness is that a lot of the goofs are committed by the Muppets all “in-character”… but because we know that they're puppets, it's obviously scripted instead of spontaneous. And blooper reels are all about off-the-cuff moments that got captured during filming.

That's why I've gone through and picked out the best moments so you can speed through the reel and move on to the rest of your Tuesday. Most of the goofs listed involve the movie's human stars and cameos, but I will admit that there are a handful of well-written bits starring Walter the Muppet. Enjoy!

0:48 – The look of terror on Jason Segel‘s face when his Muppet lookalike pops up. Especially once the guy actually speaks.

1:00 – Jason trying to get the flowers for Amy Adams‘ character out of his powder-blue suit.

2:12 – Walter lying in bed imitating Miss Piggy. No context given, just the creepy image of one Muppet doing the voice of another.

3:00 – Snippet from an interview with Walter where he contests Jason Segel's claim that he “came out of his brain.” Again with the great imitations! Whoever is doing the voices here rocks.

4:34 – Amy, Jason, and Walter chowing on hot dogs in the car. Something about her happily munching her food while pretending to drive is great.

5:55 – Amy and Jason ruminating on conversation topics for bears.

7:13 – Jason and Walter being all “you go”/”no, you go.”

7:55 – No matter how long any blooper reel is, the last thirty-second montage is always worth watching.