The Muppets’ Amy Adams’ High School Yearbook Photo Proves She Is A Vampire

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A recently unearthed photo from actress Amy Adams‘ high school yearbook shows her looking pretty much the same as she does now, despite the fact that it was taken 20 years ago. There can only be one explanation: along with Justin Bieber, Emma Stone, and Miss Piggy, Amy Adams is a thousand-year-old vampyre.

According to The Daily Mail, the 1991 yearbook also contains such Adams gems as “I go for increased height through the hair” (quoted in the “trends” section), and “The reason why I hate shopping is because you get these obnoxious sales ladies all over you and touching your hair.” Who knew high school Amy Adams was so obsessed with her hair?

The reason, of course, that people are attempting to dig up dirt on this relatively un-tabloid-y actress right now is because The Muppets, in which the now-37-year-old Adams costars, is coming out this week. Unfortunately for the diggers, the most scandalous thing this photo reveals is that unlike most people in Hollywood, she probably has not had plastic surgery. Now let's all watch this trailer and get psyched for The Muppets.