Countdown To The Mother: Ted Needs To Find His Own Baby To Be Ready For Fatherhood

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How I Met Your Mother 8x09 recap "Lobster Crawl" Ted daughter The Mother 2015 flashforward Robin Barney Patrice wtfEver since Lily got pregnant during last season of How I Met Your MotherTed has proven himself to be a bit too involved in her and Marshall‘s new roles as parents. Like in 8×09 “Lobster Crawl”, when he basically babynaps poor little Marvin, ensuring that he's there for all of the newborn's “firsts” while his poor parents get shut out. Uncle Ted gets a bit creepy in this episode, not least of all when he's offering lollipops to kids at swimming class.

But then Marshall and Lily realize that Ted is being all overbearing with their baby because he misses his baby, the GNB building. I thought this was a bit of a hokey stretch, but at the same time I see how the writers were trying to show Ted inching toward maturity. After all, he has to have met The Mother and had their daughter be born by 2015. And look at that—we get a brief flashforward of Ted wtih his little girl “a few years later”! Although I have to say, it was kind of a wasted opportunity to show us anything of The Mother. There could've been a fun nod back to the 100th episode by featuring her ankle as she dashed out the door before Ted.

Still, it's progress! And the enticingly-named episode 8×11 “The Final Page, Part One” has Ted attending the dedication of the GNB building. So something has to be set to happen!

Ironically, Ted was the most in-character this episode — unless you count Lily's ongoing crush on Robin — whereas Robin was sorely underutilized. Yes, we get that she wants to get Barney back now that she can't have him, but all of her high-school-cheerleader-style flirting was way out of character. The one part that rang true was her dressing up as Lara Croft for laser tag.

How I Met Your Mother 8x09 "Lobster Crawl" Barney Robin Lara Croft laser tag GIFBut neither that nor her lingerie at the end was enough to convince Barney to screw her one last time. Instead, he's dating Patrice?! Personally, I believe the fan theories that it's all a plan to trick Robin into confessing her feelings for him. After all, it's suspicious how he and Patrice acknowledge each other when he comes into Robin's office during her “damsel in distress” routine:

How I Met Your Mother 8x09 "Lobster Crawl" Barney Robin Patrice GIFThings are finally picking up! We still have some slow episodes coming up, but “The Final Page, Part One” and “Two” airing on December 17th — the midseason finale, one presumes — should give us a good cliffhanger for the holiday hiatus.

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