The Moms From Toddlers & Tiaras Are Just Trolling Us Now, Right?

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After seeing what went down on last night's episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, I'm starting to think that all these crazy pageant moms are just trolling us. That they know exactly what they're doing on the show and they're using their time in front of the camera to maximize their media exposure. If they can sound just crazy enough and they can make their child just likable enough, they too could have their very own Honey Boo Boo Child or Eden Woods.

Otherwise there's no good explanation for why Tricia modeled a g-string for her 2-year-old daughter SamiJo. Sure, we know what she told us:

My style of parenting is extremely different. I think exposing your child to whatever you can is just a really great way to be culturally diverse.”

She insists her toddler is “far from two,” because she says “she’s 17″

“She has a vast understanding that some seven-year-olds, six-year-olds don’t have,” she adds.

Tricia insists the modeling of the G-string was completely normal, explaining that SamiJo is “obsessed with bras” and “loves Victoria’s Secret,” so the mother entered her daughter into a swimsuit competition!

But I think we also know that all of those quotes are absolutley insane things to say. Hence, why I'm starting to get convinced that these moms are all trolling us. No two-year-old is obsessed with Victoria's Secret. It's just nonsensical.

Almost as nonsensical as this mother who looked into the camera last night and said “You better watch out — I’m gonna stab you in the chest. I’m not gonna stab you in the back.”

WHAT!? Why would you say that and why would you say that to the camera. If she's really going to stab this person, she's going to have no alibi now. So stupid.

We're at the point now with these moms that they will say and do anything to get more camera time. If g-string dancing in front of a toddler flies on prime time TV, then I guess can really happen.

Bring on the moms who give their kids cocaine to keep them alert on stage!

(Photo: Hollywood Life)