Video: The Mindy Project’s New Trailer Is Pure Chick Flick Cliché

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Fox released a new trailer for Mindy Kaling‘s hotly anticipated show The Mindy Project today, and I’m hoping it’s more of a failure in marketing than an indication of what the show is actually going to be like.

Unlike past trailers that showed hints of potential greatness (or at least didn’t rule it out?), this one is constructed entirely from rom com clichés. “I never understood why people say you can’t have it all,” Mindy starts, then proceeds to explain how she balances work, love, and friendship. And then, at the end, she walks into something, because clumsiness is such a novel personality trait for an attractive and competent (but also “relatable”!) chick flick heroine.

By the end of it, I’m afraid Mindy’s chirpy voice has transformed from something that worked really well with the walking parody that was Kelly Kapoor, to something more grating and conventional. It’s hard to tell without seeing the show, but part of what made Kelly a great comedic character was that Mindy (as both a writer and actress) seemed unafraid to poke fun at the kind of person who sincerely cares about Brangelina and thinks cheesy romantic comedies are real. Let’s hope her new show doesn’t turn out to be one of said cheesy rom-coms.

(Via Vulture)