The Media Vs. Khloe Kardashian

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The Media vs  Khloe Kardashian Khloe Kardashian 153x200 jpgI had never paid any attention to the Kardashians until 2011, when two pieces caught my eye. The first was the Hollywood Reporter story on the massive endorsement empire the family had built, one that generated $65 million in profits last year.

The second appeared on Jezebel last week and detailed a scene from Khloe & Lamar – the third spin-off from the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” franchise, which follows Khloe Kardashian and her husband, L.A. Lakers player Lamar Odom. The scene starts with Khloe’s mother/manager, Kris, calling to talk about the “QuickTrim” endorsement deal. This is a diet supplement not approved by the FDA that all three of her daughters shill for. “I just think the way you are presenting yourself in the media is a little off-base and I feel like you and I need to have a chat about what you are doing to the brand,” she says.

Khloe responds saying, “Excuse me? What am I doing to the brand? And how am I presenting myself to the media?” Fair question.s “You don’t care and it’s very very upsetting to me because I’ve worked so hard at creating what I think is a great deal for you girls and you’re not pulling your end of the weight. I feel like you could not chat about how many cookies you’re eating in between meals to the media…” Kris moans. Dodai Stewart dissected this perfectly:

“A mother’s guilt-trip can be one of the most gut-wrenching things to go through as a daughter — the last thing you want to hear is that you’re a disappointment. And while the ‘brand’ Kris speaks of is most likely QuickTrim and not the Kardashian brand, it’s clear she’s concerned about that as well. Somehow, even though the family is earning millions, 26-year-old Khloe isn’t good enough. Not allowed to be herself. And the message, the subtext behind the whole conversation is that the truth is bad. Keeping up appearances is good. Eating is bad. Money is good. Gaining weight is bad. Kris is essentially telling Khloe, ‘my livelihood depends on your behavior. Those cookies you’re putting in your mouth could take food out of my mouth.’ Which is, to put it lightly, fucked up.”

As if it wasn’t heartbreaking enough to watch a mother who has made millions of her children put her pocket book above the health and well-being of her daughter, I subjected myself to that whole episode to get the skinny on the situation (pun deeply intended).

Apparently, Khloe, who is a very pretty, average-sized-looking woman is routinely bullied by the press about her weight. This was shocking to realize. She is in no way heavy and even if she was why would they be so cruel? I had to see for myself so I googled “Khloe Kardashian fat” and found lots of normal-looking pictures and lots of horrify text. Here are some choice quotes from popular celebrity blogs:

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