Video: This New Trailer For The Lone Ranger Is Super Bad Ass

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If you, like me, watched the first trailer for The Lone Ranger and thought it could do with a little less talk about trains and a litte more action, you will be happy to know that the second trailer contains a way better preview of the awesomeness the movie contains. In it, we learn a lot more about the title character (played by Armie Hammer) when he wakes up after some sort of fight on the top of a tall mesa. Tonto (Johnny Depp) explains to him that all his fellow men died (at Tonto's hands?) but that he came back to life. Also, the horse told him that Mr. Ranger cannot be killed at all. What the heck kind of nutty stories is that horse making up in its head?

“If we ride together, we ride for justice,”the ranger says after donning a mask to obscure his identity (as he is supposed to be dead), and then off they go to some crazy looking hijinks. There are giant explosions! There is an intense train accident! And oh look, Helena Bonham Carter has a gun! Naturally, it's all set to an anachronistic action soundtrack, and I am so into that.

I still have little to no idea about the plot of this movie, but who cares when there are so many cool action sequences? I'm putting this on my list of movies to see with my family for sure.

(Via Collider)