Video: Here’s The Trailer For The Lone Ranger, Starring Armie Hammer And Johnny Depp

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The official trailer for Disney's The Lone Ranger is here, and it's got all of the high drama, cultural insensitivity, and anachronistic rock music we've come to expect from our modern old timey adventure movies.

Okay, so it actually looks like a fun movie to see with my mom and her boyfriend when I visit them during the holidays in 2013. A movie which, as far as I can tell, is about trains, and the struggle to control them. And Armie Hammer being dashing and handsome, and Helena Bonham Carter being pretty and spooky as per ushe, and Johnny Depp hoping very hard that his alleged Native American great-grandmother will protect him from the barrage of criticism that will no doubt come as the result of a white guy playing a fanciful, Goth-ed out, Jack Sparrow-ish version of Tonto. And retro booobs! But not too many, as this is a Disney movie.

Will this be the role that completes Hammer's transformation from a ridiculously good looking supporting actor to a bankable star? Will Johnny Depp produce some kind of proof that he's part Native American? Will this movie be any good at all? Let's meet back up and talk about all of this SUMMER 2013.

(Via Rolling Stone)