This New Lion King Theory Would Actually Explain A Whole Lot About The Movie

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Simba roaring in the rain at Pride Rock in the Lion King GIFOne of my new favorite things is fan theories about animated movies, and the wonderful thing about the internet is it never disappoints in that regard. We've read about connections between Tangled and Frozen, teared up at the idea of what Up was really about, discovered a mind-blowing easter egg in Toy Story, and learned what the code ‘A113' means and why it appears in so many Pixar movies. And now, we've set our sights on The Lion King.

Even though the film came out in 1994, this is a brand-new theory, folks, so get buckled up. It gets pretty supernatural, because it has to do with Mufasa controlling the weather and using it to steer events even after his death, but it's compelling all the way through. And considering this is a world in which lions can A. talk, B. fall in love and C. be friends with toucans without eating them, I think pretty much anything is fair game. So here we go, courtesy of Reddit user OstrichMadeofClay.

As we're all aware, in The Lion King, Scar kills his brother Mufasa and forces Simba to exile himself so that Scar can take over his kingdom. We're all on board with that, I assume, but now the theory starts: upon his death, Mufasa is made into a demigod who controls the clouds. That would explain why and how Mufasa appears to Simba by shaping the clouds into his form, and also why Pride Rock is in the midst of a serious drought by the time the story checks back in there. According to the theory, this is no coincidence — it's a plot by Mufasa to strain relations between Scar and his subjects.

It also forces Nala to range further afield in her search for food, which is how she comes upon Simba and gets to feel all the love tonight, eventually convincing him to return to Pride Rock to challenge Scar. When he does, the rest of the lions are so frustrated by Scar's mishandling of the lack of water that they revolt against him, joining Simba's cause and defeating Scar and throwing his dead body to the hyenas.

…at which point, the rains come! Thanks Mufasa, you're a real pal!

What do you think, guys? As far as I'm concerned, whether the animators and story-boarders intended it or not, it's pretty awesome that they came up with such a rich, interesting story that even two decades later, we can still unearth new takes on the material.

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