The Ladies Of Downton Abbey Want To Start A Band, Will Hopefully Create A British Lilith Fair

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Michelle Dockery Jessica Brown Findlay Mary SybilAs a fan of Downton Abbey, I'm always shocked and kind of disillusioned whenever the series' actors do or say something especially modern. Michelle Dockery's (aka Lady Mary Crawley) sideboob situation at the SAG Awards was quite confusing for me, for more reasons than one.

So I collapsed onto my fainting sofa and had to have to curtains closed when I found out that Michelle Dockery wants to start a band with her onscreen sister Jessica Brown Findlay (aka Lady Sybil “I Wear The Pants” Crawley). Then when I looked up videos of them singing I strained to ring the service bell and have my maid bring me a fluffed pillow to rest my dizzy head.

Those ladies have soul! And it's not just those two. Their onscreen mother, Elizabeth McGovern (aka Lady Cora), is in a band called Sadie and the Hotheads (!), and they're totally catchy. Michelle Dockery has even performed onstage with them, and she says she and Elizabeth play guitar together on set. I am now imagining them in their period dresses, jamming to folksy tunes. It's a pretty wonderful image.

Michelle said of her musical talents: “I can sing and play the acoustic guitar. I've actually been teaching Jessica Brown Findlay. We might even start a band — the Crawley Sisters!”

Please let this happen, and please let it lead to a British Lilith Fair. I'm a sucker for female singer-songwriter types. I first listened to Lisa Loeb because I liked her glasses, and I never looked back. I own a copy of Jewel's poetry book. This is serious business.

I can only hope that if the Crawley Sisters become a band, Jessica will wear her fabulous harem pants outfit onstage. It's the least she can do.

Sybil Pants

If you're interested in finding out what the ladies of Downton sound like, enjoy these fabulous videos.

Michelle sings a jazzy song like the lady that she is:

Jessica's husky voice translates well to music. She sang this on a British TV show called Black Mirror:

And here's Elizabeth performing her band's song “One Thing,” not to be confused with the One Direction tune:

(Image: Zap2It, Telegraph)