The Kardashian Sisters Continue to Undermine Kourtney

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Yesterday we had the quote that Kim Kardashian was super “fascinated” by her sister Kourtney‘s weight loss after having a baby. And Khloe added her own backhanded compliment, after Kourtney made a comment that breastfeeding helped her shed the pounds.

“If that's all it takes, breastfeeding?” she joked to Us. “Then someone breastfeed off of me! I don't care!”

That's not at all…weird and gross sounding, Khloe. We agree that Kourtney's weight-shedding after her first baby is unusual (who looks skinnier after their first kid?), but having your siblings give out nothing but underminery quotes about your body image makes you our favorite and least creepy Kardashian by default. So congrats?

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