The Justin Timberlake Home Goods Line You Totally Asked For Is Here

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When I picture Justin Timberlake‘s house, I tend to imagine it being like that of Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation: snacks in the bathroom, soft blankets everywhere, and a constant, balmy temperature of 80 degrees. Hence, it comes as no surprise that JT would want to share his house's niceness with the world, in the form of a mildly un-pronouncable line of home goods called “HomeMint.”

In the promotional video, Justin explains with his trademark roguish charm that he first met collaborator Estee Stanley back in the 90s when it was her job to style boy bands in humiliating outfits. He didn't like her. Then he saw houses she'd interior-decorated, and thought they were nice houses, and he did like her. Then they decided to start this venture together, to help everyone live in the same plush resplendence as JT (j/k, not possible). “A home should also be an expression of who you are, and the style of who you are,” he says, earnestly. Adorbs.

The goods they're selling look like fairly average things you could get at Crate and Barrel, but whatevs: knowing that candle holder might have been touched by JT's sexy hand gives it that extra something special. Like Estee said, three words: buy, buy, buy!

(Via Stylelist)