5 Facts About The Janoskians…Aka Why #NotABoyBand Is Trending On Twitter

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Janoskians group pictureIn case you're like me and have your finger on the pulse of society social networks, you may have noticed that #notaboyband was trending earlier today on Twitter. “What's this?” you might have wondered, “I would like to be included on this topical reference!” Well Crushable to the rescue — it's a hashtag for the group Janoskians, who are currently inviting their fans to help decide where they tour by tweeting where they're from. This is the first we've ever heard of these guys, so we figured we'd do some quick research so you can speak intelligently at your next cocktail party. People still go to those, right?

1. Janoskians stands for Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation, and they're a group of pranksters based out of Melbourne, Australia.

2. The group is five guys: Beau Brooks (19), Jai Brooks (18), Luke Brooks (18), Daniel Sahyounie (18), and James Yammouni (17), who do everything from parody to stunts to singing to entertaining to pranks. Fans you may have actually heard of include Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, and Liam Payne.

3. They were supposed to have a show last year at the Luna Park theme park in Melbourne, but so many more people showed up than authorities expected, that they had to cancel the event. I don't know how many they were expecting, but according to the guys' website, over six thousand showed.

4. Even though they started out as just prank-based, they now do songs as well, and you can watch the video for their single, ‘Set The World On Fire' above. It combines a music video with their normal weird, prankish behavior — think a combination of Jackass and One Direction.

5. As of the moment I'm writing this, their YouTube channel has 714,815 subscribers, and over 61 MILLION views. Yowzers.

And now you know. To learn more about these guys, check out their official website. Or I mean, you could always tweet at them to make them come to you. #notaboyband. Don't forget.

(Image: Janoskians Official Website)