‘The Internets’ Album Cover Sums Up Friday, Rick Rolling, And Every Beloved Internet Meme

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"The Internets" album cover Joey Spiotto

I love Joey Spiotto‘s geeky album covers. He's cast the folks from Firefly and Battlestar Galactica as faux-bands with hits that reference their respective shows, and adorable art to boot! And now he's given us the mother of all nerdy records crammed with every internet meme you can think of! Here's the official press release:

Straight from the World Wide Web and into your hearts comes the new hit album “Haters Gonna Hate” from The Internets! Now you can sing along with hit songs such as “Friday”, “Trololo”, and “Bed Intruder Song”. Join the lemonparty with some old friends, hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and listen to The Internets, they're never gonna give you up!

Seriously, I can't even grasp all of the Easter eggs here, though I do appreciate Goatse records, the tame version of lemonparty, Nyan Cat, Pedobear, 2 Girls 1 Cup, and other jokes that tarnished my childhood/enriched my adulthood. You can buy your own through Etsy ($35), or if you live in LA, see the original at the Gallery1988 Memes show starting May 4th!

"The Internets" album cover Joey Spiotto

Photos: Joey Spiotto