You Don’t Need English To Understand This Trailer For The Impossible, About The Southeast Asian Earthquake

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The Impossible trailer Ewan McGregor Naomi Watts tsunamiIt's difficult to believe that it's been eight years since the massive earthquake in the Indian Ocean that triggered a devastating tsunami that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. But part of the reason that we can accept that it happened in 2004 is there's now a movie about it coming out this October, starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts as Westerners caught up in the disaster. The Impossible is being directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, who brought us the supremely sad (and creepy) horror film The Orphanage; this is the first trailer that we've stumbled across.

You might ask, as Bleeding Cool did, why a movie about this disaster didn't focus on the actual natives of Southeast Asia. I have to believe that it's because Bayona and the studio knew that they were appealing to Western audiences. And sorry to say, but the details that most caught our attention in 2004 were the stories of our own trapped in the wake of the tsunami, like supermodel Petra Nemcova, who clung to a tree even after her fiance was pulled away by the water.

Similarly, the trailer concerns married couple Henry and Maria, vacationing in Thailand with their three sons. When the tsunami starts to hit, they're quickly separated, with Maria and one child struggling for survival and Henry and the other two kids trying to find them. It's an international trailer and therefore dubbed in Spanish, but honestly, you can still get the gist of the story easily. As Bleeding Cool said, you should watch this one full-screen.

The Impossible comes to theaters October 11, 2012.

Photo: IndieWire