The Hunger Games’ Official Panem Map Changes Everything We Believed About The Districts

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Panem map revealed The Hunger Games Adventures Facebook District 4 Mexico

I've been a fan of The Hunger Games for a little over a year now, which was good timing: The movie had just been announced, and over the first few months of my fandom we started to get hints and on-set photos from the upcoming film. But one mystery that never got put to rest was what the nation of Panem actually looked like. Author Suzanne Collins had described it well, of course, but even the most detailed fan maps still held their biases. For the longest time, most fans accepted aimmyarrowshigh's map, which used a nautilus-inspired spiral to demarcate the thirteen districts. But now, we have an honest-to-God, canon map!

Ever since the interactive The Hunger Games Adventures app launched on Facebook, even more than the chance to go hunting alongside our fellow fans in this online game, we've looked forward to the promise of unlocking the official map of Panem. We've finally reached that moment, though of course Lionsgate continues to tease us by identifying only the Capitol and three of the districts so far. Thanks to HungerGamesFandom.net for capturing a photo!

The Capitol is about where we expected it to be, protected behind the Rocky Mountains in what used to be Colorado. Districts 11 and 12 are further apart than I envisioned, though that does match up with the commonly-held theories that they're meant to represent (respectively) the South and the Appalachians/coal country. However, the most interesting choice was to place District 4 almost entirely in Mexico. At least, we think that that locked district is Finnick Odair and Mags‘ home and Panem's fishing capital. Consider how much coastline there is, which matches with their district's industry. And, as HungerGamesFandom.net points out, it would match up with fan theories that Mags is Latina.

So, is District 13 that massive chunk covering Maine and parts of Canada? It would make sense for the bombed-out, supposedly lost district to be at the far stretches of Panem so that no one would stumble upon its functioning society for years, but boy, that's a lot of land for the Capitol to ignore.

Either way, we'll know soon enough—go log on to The Hunger Games Adventures so we can unlock the rest of the map! I'd join you, but I'm at work, and somehow I don't think I can justify spending hours on a Facebook game, even for Crushable…

Photo: Lionsgate via Facebook