Here’s What The Hunger Games Would Be Like If It Was A Musical

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So you're probably sitting home right now braiding your hair and baking loaves of bread and wondering what The Hunger Games would be like as a musical. Don't worry, been there, done that, my hair smelled like flour.

Luckily you don't need to wonder any longer! Yes, the odds ARE in your favor.

The Hillywood Show put together a little song and dance number from the  Caesar Flickerman's tribute interview scene.  While it hopefully won't inspire you to round up 23 of your friends and murder them in an arena, it should get you thinking of the movie in more musical terms.

Because you know what. If I know Broadway/Hollywood like I think I know Broadway/Hollywood, The Hunger Games will probably be turned into a musical. There are just so many wonderful opportunities for choreographed dancing, as well as for a few beautiful jazz numbers as certain tributes battle to their death. Can you even imagine the duet Peeta will do with Katniss, so full of love and frosting.

So grab some fresh squirrel legs and enjoy your first peek at the very possible Hunger Games musical.