The Hunger Games Bad Lip Reading Hilariously Turns All The Movie’s Dramatic Moments Into Potty Humor

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After hilariously reimagining Edward and Bella's sweet nothings, it makes sense that the Bad Lip Reading folks would move up the YA ladder and take on The Hunger Games. The video is certainly one of the funnier Hunger Games parodies out there, mostly because of how it skewers the film's ultra-dramatic parts. And just like with Twilight, the best part is that even though Katniss, Gale, Peeta, and the rest of Panem are talking about sharts and fake cats and texting, it's still in-character.

In some parts, the bad lip reading actually makes the exchanges better, like when Katniss' mom shuts her down or Katniss tells Prim she's possessed. Actually, everyone is mean to Katniss in this video! They're telling her she doesn't like her purse, that her dad is on crack, and that she chokes on water. And all she does every time is kind of sigh exasperatedly and nod. Girl on Fire, she ain't.

Every line in this video funny, with some guaranteed to make you actually giggle out loud. It's a great mix of gibberish and really urgent emphasis on random words.

“Well, I got the squirts. You know we make fudge puddles.”


Haymitch: “Hey, tuna flavor.”
Katniss: “I'm the queen.”
Haymitch: “You're so excitable.”
Cinna: “Drank.”

“Yay, a goat!”

Peeta: “…Text me?”
Katniss: “I don't want you to text me.”

Can't wait for the next movie these guys tackle! …Can they do The Avengers, pretty please?

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