How The Hunger Games Should Have Ended

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Just when you think there's absolutely nothing more to say about The Hunger Games, another video hits the interwebs that has everyone talking. And no it's not leaked footage of a Jennifer Lawrence/Josh Hutcherson/Liam Hemsworth threesome. Nor is it Suzanne Collins announcing there will be a fourth Hunger Games book about Primrose finding herself during her freshman year of college.

It's an extremly thought provoking (or time killing) video on how people at HISHEdotcom think The Hunger Games should have ended. It's a nice little unromantic but surprisingly honest twist that definitely would have changed the entire series.  I don't want to give away the whole thing, but let's just say Peeta won't be frosting Katniss anytime soon in this version.

And along the way to this revised ending, there are a few more fun plot changes. Or maybe not so much plot changes, but a different way of looking at what went down in the arena.

So sit back, relax and see if you enjoy this version better than the one you saw in theaters.