The Hugely Underrated Maya Rudolph Is Finally Returning To Host ‘SNL’

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The Hugely Underrated Maya Rudolph Is Finally Returning To Host  SNL  tina fey maya rudolph song jpg

After 5 years away from the show, Maya Rudolph is returning to 30 Rock on February 18th to host Saturday Night Live. As one of my favorite SNL actresses ever, I couldn’t be more excited for her. Despite having some of the funniest recurring characters in the series history, she’s usually forgotten when bigger names like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig get tossed around.

They might have more name recognition and street cred, but Maya’s impressions of people like Whitney Houston, Donatella Versace and Beyonce usually have me laughing hysterically.

So since I’ve always thought of her as an SNL underdog, I’m happy to see that her career’s starting to really take off. In 2011  she not only starred in the hit movie Bridesmaids, but she also landed the role as the Oprah-like character Eva on Up All Night. While I thought she was underutilized in Bridesmaids, I think she’s using her talents perfectly on Up All Night.

So in honor of her blossoming career and more importantly, finally returning to host SNL, I present a few of my favorite Maya Rudolph SNL moments.

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