The Houstons: On Our Own Was a Hot Mess

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I'm not really sure what the late Whitney Houston‘s family is hoping to accomplish with their reality show The Houstons: On Our Own. If they were hoping to relay the fact that they’re just like every other normal family, they failed. To put it frankly, the show was a hot mess. It seems to center on how the family has gotten along since the tragic death of Whitney, particularly her nineteen year old daughter Bobbi Kristina.

Understandably, the girl is having a tough time coping with her mother's death. Any young woman would, which is why I can't help but wonder why this period in her life is being filmed. Does that really seem like a smart idea? (Because it doesn’t to me.) Bobbi Kristina even expresses her disapproval of the media storm surrounding her mother's death on the show while talking to boyfriend, Nick Gordon. She describes the constant media attention as, “a fresh wound they keep cutting open.”

I don't know about you but I'd imagine that this show is only going to subject the family to more media scrutiny, especially after seeing the way Whitney's daughter behaved in this episode. Her bizarre relationship with Gordon made me want to turn off the television. Half the time, I didn't even understand the things they were saying to each other. It was sad to see the way Whitney's daughter seemed to be unraveling on screen. She showed up to a family dinner slurring her words and kept trying to sneak sips of alcohol while her family wasn't looking.

She thankfully didn't seem to have her family fooled, and they all seem to be committed to making sure she doesn't go down the wrong path while struggling with her grief. However, I just don't think this is something I can force myself to watch again next week. I like to watch reality television as sort of a guilty pleasure, but this show just made me depressed.