The Host Trailer Already Looks Like It Will Be Better Than Twilight

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The Host movie trailer Stephenie Meyer Saoirse Ronan Max Irons Jake Abel Diane Kruger

It's here! The trailer for The Host, Stephenie Meyer‘s other supernatural novel. Despite always existing in Twilight‘s shadow, the book still has a healthy following—and I think they'll be impressed with the first trailer.

In the world of The Host, an alien race called Souls take over Earth and their human hosts' bodies, erasing their minds. But what sets our heroine Melanie Stryder (Ronan) apart is that she's able to stay partially conscious while a Soul named Wanderer inhabits her body. It makes sense that she'd fight, since Wanderer's purpose is to access vital information from Mel's memories about the free humans including her former lover Jared Howe (Max Irons) and her brother.

Here's where things get tricky: When Wanderer finds her way back to the caves where the resistance group is, she ends up falling for another human, Ian O'Shea (Jake Abel). At the same time, a Soul called “The Seeker” (Diane Kruger) is on her trail to make sure she's fulfilling her mission.

Now, on to the actual footage. I'm really psyched that Andrew Niccol adapted the novel and is directing; he hasn't steered us wrong with Gattaca and In Time. Visually it's gorgeous; we've replaced Forks, Washington with the desert of New Mexico. Niccol and co. are really treating Meyer's material seriously. I even got chills the second time I watched the trailer and Jared whispered, “I miss everything about her. Is she still in there?” I trust that it won't be as cheesy or awful as the Twilight flicks, that they pulled the strongest parts from the books and the actors have devoted themselves to the roles.

Check out the trailer below! If it gets pulled, you can also watch it here.