Here’s Your Chance To Be In The Trailer For Stephenie Meyer’s The Host

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your chance to be in The Host trailerAre you a rabid fan of Stephenie Meyer‘s body-snatching alien thriller The Host? Are you simply curious to see a movie from her that doesn't feature brooding, glittery vampires? Well, The Host is coming to theaters about a year after The Hunger Games — on March 29, 2013 — and right now you have a chance of being part of the first trailer.

All you have to do is send a photo of yourself looking straight into the camera; you can read the rest of the rules here, and see examples. Off the top of my head, I'm guessing that the trailer will have a voiceover of something like “In a world… where alien ‘souls' infest human bodies…” and show a collage of all the submitted photos to represent the humans who have been erased to make room for alien souls. (Yeah, it sounds a ton like Animorphs, which was leagues better than anything Stephenie  Meyer will ever write.)

Still, it's a really cool idea for fans of Meyer's work. And you know how we know that this could actually be a good movie? Gattaca and In Time writer-director Andrew Niccol is adapting the novel, and Saoirse Ronan is playing protagonist Melanie Stryder. (Not to mention Max Irons as her love interest Jared Howe.)

So, let us know if you submit your photos—we'll have our eyes peeled for the first trailer!