The Horse That Died On The Set Of HBO’s Luck Tweets About HBO’s Girls

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Well I think it's official now. Every living being has an opinion on Girls. Even one of the horses that died on the set of Luck. 

Remember Luck?  That HBO show about mobsters and racetracks that got canceled in March because horses kept dropping dead on set? Maybe? Think back all the way to March. If the phrase “mysterious horse death” sounds at all familiar to you, you're somewhat aware of this story.

Well, HBO didn't make a big deal out of it, probably because they focused all their attention on their other show, Girls. The most talked about show to ever debut on television. Well the one of the horses that died on the set of Luck didn't take this Girls PR blitz lightly. Nope, he's fighting back  the only way horses can these days, via the Twitter handle @LUCKHorseOnGirls.

Considering that it's a dead horse tweeting, the tweets are extremely well thought-out and poignant. In fact, as a fan of Girls, I wish this dead horse would help write the show. It could bring some fresh perspective to the dialogue.

Just take a look!