The Hills Drama Gets HOT!

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Lauren and HeidiThe public war between Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag heated up when Lauren banned Heidi, Spencer and… Perez Hilton from the premiere party:

From TMZ:

It's her party and she'll ban Spencer and Heidi if she wants to! A source told TMZ that “Hills” heroine Lauren Conrad refused to attend this past Wednesday's premiere if former BFF/blonde bimbo Heidi Montag and her handler/boyfriend Spencer Pratt attended.

So how did the show's producers manage to get her to her own party? They made Heidi and Spence come early and then kicked them out after an hour or so to make way for LC! Who's the blonde b**ch now!?

In other “Hills” premiere news, Perez Hilton was miffed when a rumor surfaced that said he was banned from the show's opening party. Perez sez he never intended to attend the premiere, and was on a flight to New York during the event anyway.

Things got even hotter between the former BFFs when Lauren and Audrina called into a radio station days after Heidi and Spencer went on air to bash Lauren. From Us Weekly:

The Hills feud is heating up! Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge called into the same Philadelphia radio station that interviewed Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt this week to fire back at the trash-talking couple.

Montag and Pratt called into Q102 FM on Monday. During the interview Pratt called Conrad a “stupid girl” and “douche” and a “psycho.”

Montag told listeners, “I never could be friends with some lowlife like that.”

Conrad’s response? “What are you gonna do? It could be a lot worse,” she told the radio hosts on Friday. “It could be someone I actually care about saying those things.”

She added: “I don’t have that high of expectations for them.”

When the deejays asked if she ever wanted to be friends with Montag again, Conrad replied, “No, not really.”