The Hangover 3 Trailer Suggests It Might Not Be The Worst Thing Ever

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The Hangover 3 official trailer still April 2013Okay. Take a deep breath, because I'm about to share a controversial opinion: I'm not convinced that The Hangover 3 will actually be the complete worst thing ever, as previously feared. Now, this contrasts markedly with my previous opinion in regards to this fateful trilogy, so bear with me while I explain myself.

The second Hangover movie was remarkably bad. We can all admit that, right? Maybe it would've been semi-okay on its own, if you don't like bothering with resolving plot points or creating rational characters, but it was essentially a feature-length Mad Lib. They took the first movie and held it up to the sun so they could see where the funny parts were, then shook those all out and plugged in identical concepts in the holes. So like, instead of losing one guy they lost a different guy. And instead of a baby they had a monkey. And instead of Mike Tyson they had…Mike Tyson. It was all really intelligent. But here's what I tend to forget — I actually liked the first movie. Like, I liked it a lot, and I think most people did. And now that they have the same writers back for the third one as they had for the first, it might not be a total waste of everyone's time, like I warned it was in this open letter from a year ago.

And now the official trailer for the third movie is out, and I actually don't hate it. First of all, it looks like mayyyybe? hopefully? no one goes missing this time, and they are really clear about this being the last one, so that's a definite improvement on the last one. If I saw this trailer on its own, I'd be reasonably excited to see it, so I suppose I shouldn't let my bad attitude about the last one get in my way. Sigh. Alright, Hangover 3, do your worst, I guess. I've been burned before, I can handle being burned again. But if it's exactly like Hangover 1I'm gonna come to your house and steal your tiger. Capice??