SPONSORED: You’ve Been Seriously Missing Out On The Good Wife And Didn’t Even Know It

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SPONSORED  You ve Been Seriously Missing Out On The Good Wife And Didn t Even Know It The Good Wife This Has Been Fun gifBecause I know  that you listen to us when we talk at least sometimes, I trust you already know that The Good Wife is the bomb dot com. Maybe you haven’t gotten a chance to cancel all of your evening plans in favor of watching each episode obsessively, but I have enough faith in your pop culture sensibilities and overall television fanatic-ness to believe that you must know something about it.

But here’s the thing: if you want to lead a bountiful life full of joy and happiness, you need to know more. Like, way, way more. I only say this because I care deeply about which conversations you can and cannot join at the next cocktail party to receive the great honor of having you in attendance. After I’m done with you, you’ll be starting the discussion about The Good Wife, as the rest of the partygoers chant your name and hoist you up in a chair, Bar Mitzvah-style.

So, let’s get started, shall we? As of today, the show just wrapped up its fifth season and you’ve basically missed every important thing. But don’t call 911 in a panic, yet! Because I think that’s illegal, but also because I’ve got your back, like the true Internet BFF that I am. For the low price of listening to me complain about my parents and helping me choose an outfit every so often, I will catch you right up to speed.

In Season 1, we’re introduced to Alicia, who is both a politician’s wife and newly-minted partner at a prestigious law firm. She spends the season navigating her relationships with her former boo and boss (!!!), Will; new friend, Kalinda; husband; and two teenaged kids. As her husband gears up to run for re-election, Alicia continues to find her footing in her new career and redefined familial role.

Season 2 ushers in the rekindling of Alicia and Will’s old flame. Except not really, because this is TV, and relationships are never that easy! Instead, the two spend most of the season hiding their feelings for one another and enduring really, really awkward interactions. In the midst of this all, a new partner, Derrick, and a new investigator, Blake, join the firm. Following some bad blood between one of their colleagues, Diane, and Will due to Will’s constant favoring of Derrick, Diane tells Kalinda to go snooping around in the guys’ backgrounds. She finds that they’ve secretly known each other for, like, ever. And Blake finds out that Kalinda once slept with Alicia’s cheating husband, causing Alicia to finally seal the deal with Will.

In the beginning of Season 3, we see Alicia reaping the benefits of her affair with her boss, namely her fancy shmancy office unlike anyone else’s at her level in the company. A lot of the season concerns the effect that the recession has on the firm and its competitors, even showing them trying to snatch up the bankruptcy department of a firm that’s about to tank. And juuust as Diane starts sniffing out the affair between Alicia and Will, Alicia calls it quits when she realizes that she’s been neglecting her kids just a tad (okay, a lot.)

Season 4 begins on a happier note, with the firm making its way out of debt by offering partnerships in exchange for money. Except, oh yeah, once the firm is in the clear, only Alicia is made partner, causing the shafted lawyer folk to conspire to start a firm of their own. And with good reason, right? On the relationship front, Kalinda’s ex-husband reappears and is a stone-cold lunatic, and Alicia reconciles with Peter, although you already know that hasn’t gotten over Will.

And that all brings us to the end of the most recent season, the wildest one by far. Alicia joins one of her old colleagues, Cary at the new firm. In the meantime, Peter is elected governor thanks to a whole bunch of false ballots, for which he is under investigation. Oh, did I forget to say that Will gets SHOT and dies? Whoopsies! Can you even believe it, or are you as shocked as the whole world was when it happened?! Obvi this is hard on everyone, especially Alicia, who decides to split with Peter but start up a fakelationship for the good of both her and her husband’s public image.

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