Everyone Cries On The Glee Project

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It's time to get vulnerable, cast of The Glee Project. So obviously the show will bring on the most vulnerable and pained member of Glee: Cory Monteith. The football player with no problems ever. When 18-year-old Michael hears what the theme is going to be this week, he gets pretty scared because he realizes he has zero life experience.

After the homework assignment, Cory picks Nellie as the person who seemed the most vulnerable and now she gets a one-on-one with him, and all of the other girls look furious.

Instead of learning choreography for the week for the “Everybody Hurts” video, the cast has to talk about their experiences with bullying to bring out their vulnerability. When they are all sharing, I fall in love with Blake because he is cute, and when he starts crying, it makes him even more adorable.

During the video shoot, Lily gets all diva for the second week in a row by asking everyone else to quiet down because it's hard for her to hear the song. It's like she STILL doesn't realize there is only one diva allowed on Glee and her name is Lea Michele. Charlie thought he would do some of his own improvising for the video, so when the scene called for him to say mean things to Mario (the blind kid), Charlie stole his cane instead. Yikes.

That stunt got a Charlie a last chance performance for Ryan Murphy. Lily and Mario also have to do last chance performances. Lily is going to sing “Mercy” by Duffy, Mario is singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and Charlie will sing “Fix You” by Coldplay.

Lily decides it would be a good idea to talk back to Ryan Murphy during her performance, and then she cries. How perfect for vulnerability week. Charlie does an amazing job singing fix you, and thank god these boys are actually all in the 20s and out of high school because I would feel creepy crushing on them if they weren't. Mario did well too, which makes it hard for Ryan because he loved everyone.

So, he makes the easiest decision and calls everyone back, which I totally agree with because they all did a really good job. Now they all get to stay and participate in sex week next week.

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