The Glee Project: Who’s The Biggest Individual?

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For those of you who don't know, there is a show on Oxygen called The Glee Project. The show aims to find a kid who will get their own story line on Glee. The show's choreographer and vocal coach help the kids get better and Glee creator Ryan Murphy picks who goes home, and who wins. Also every week there is a mentor who is a Glee cast member and a theme. This week's theme: Individuality. This weeks mentor: The ever horrible and divalicious Lea Michele.

Keeping with the spirit of Glee, all of the 14 competitors on The Glee Project are way too old to play high school students, and keeping with the week's theme, they are all INDIVIDUALS. Shanna was a crack baby, Mario is blind, Tyler is transgender and Maxfield has to deal with being named Maxfield.

All of these “individuals” freak out when they see that Lea Michele is the guest mentor. If someone wants to set themselves apart as an individual, he or she shouldn't be a part of the crowd and freak out in Lea's presence —  he or she should throw something at her and say they wanted to see Puck instead.

As a group, they ALL suck at dancing. The choreographer describes them as “Yikes.”

When Lea Michele mentors Shanna, the crack baby winner of the homework assignment, Lea couldn't seem more bored. You can tell she has other places to be and doesn't want to be hanging around these non-famous weirdos. She also takes a second to brag about how she can hit the big note in “Defying Gravity.”

After the group number, the people who were the least individualistic were Tyler, the transgender; Aylin, the spunky Muslim girl; and Maxfield, the Maxfield. They all have to do a “last chance” performance for Ryan Murphy. Then Ryan picks who goes home.

After their last chance songs, Ryan Murphy decided to send boring, country boy Maxfield home. I'm totally fine with him leaving because he wasn't very interesting. However, none of the competitors stood out to me as someone I would like to see on Glee, but we have to replace the graduates somehow.