The Giver Trailer Finally Arrives, Definitely Delivers

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The Giver Movie Trailer

As someone who considers The Giver to be one of the best books I've ever read, I'm beyond excited to see this movie. In fact, I'm so excited that I've forgiven them for stunt casting Taylor Swift as Rosemary. Even though thinking about that for too long does make me want to sign up to be released…

But today's not about casting complaints, it's about watching the trailer that just debuted on The Today Show this morning. Even though it's short and even though it doesn't tell non-book readers anything about the plot that would separate it from being a Divergent knock-off, it's perfect. In just one minute and twenty-six seconds, it captures the starkness of Jonah's world as well as the adventure that unfolds when he gets his assignment.

Although adventure might not be the right word for what happens when Jonah comes of age. Think of it like a Bar Mitzvah, but with less limbo games and more realizations that everything you thought was real in your life was actually a carefully constructed lie. Also your parents are monsters. And not in the way that all teens think they're parents are unreasonable monsters. These parents are actually struggling with some real tough ethical dilemmas that will disgust you far more than that time your your mom picked you up inside the mall, despite the fact you clearly asked her to wait outside.

While I'm sure there will be several more teaser trailers, sneak peeks and bonus GIFS before the movie actually premieres in August, this one's enough to get me excited to see it in theaters. Also, dare I say it, but Brenton Thwaites' adorable little face doesn't hurt either.