The Gauntlet III’s Jillian & Frank Chat with MTV Reality World

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JillianFrankJillian Zoboroski (Road Rules Xtreme) and Frank Roessler (The Real World Las Vegas) are more than just former rookie teammates from The Gauntlet III– they’re now dating and sharing an apartment in Los Angeles.

“I want to thank MTV for introducing me to Jillian,” Frank said playfully in an interview with MTV Reality World (that's us!).

The pair hit it off right away as filming for The Gauntlet III began in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. “And it’s not like it was slim pickings,” Jillian added, referring to the group of attractive male castmembers. “Frank made me laugh. With all of the stress, it was nice to have comic relief.”

But Frank wasn’t the only one who had his sights on Jillian. “On the first day, one of the other girls went up to Jillian and said that Brad thought she was cute and was interested in her,” he recalled. “It’s basically like high school crammed into thirty days.”

MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenges have been booze and drama-filled for as long as they’ve been on the air, fueling hook-ups and brawls between castmembers. But this season is already being billed as one of the craziest and most eventful yet.

“Everyone was hooking up. If you weren’t hooking up, you were part of the minority,” Frank said. “It was girl on girl and guy on guy.”

While neither Frank nor Jillian would reveal who had paired off in Puerto Vallarta, they agreed that fans of the show have surprised them by posting accurate spoilers and rumors around the internet.

“I’ll read something and be like, ‘How did they know that?’” Jillian said. “At the same time, not everything is true.”

When asked what an average day is like taping The Gauntlet III, Frank explained, “Four out of seven days a week are for filming challenges and you hate those days because you don’t want to be the one going home.”

Challenge days often consist of hours of waiting at the challenge location, short, but physical challenges, followed by more waiting at the Gauntlet.

“The Gauntlets were awesome,” he said, referring to the one-on-one competitions between two castmembers where the winner stays and the loser goes home.

Off-screen, Frank and Jillian are more low-key than some of their reality counterparts. Both keep in touch with only a handful of former castmembers.

“I’m okay with that,” Jillian said, adding that outside of Frank, she occasionally talks to Derrick.

“Trishelle called me the other night while she was drunk,” Frank laughed.

Frank has six months left until he completes his MBA and plans to go into real estate. Jillian is also in school, studying kinesiology. They both view the challenges as vacations.

“They ask you and it’s like, why the hell not?” Frank said.

Be sure to check out Frank and Jillian tomorrow night on the premiere of The Gauntlet III at 10 pm ET/PT.

Frank and Jillian are also available for speaking engagements.  For more information, contact RWBooking(at)hotmail[dot]com.