The Fray Performs The National Anthem, Reminds Us To Never Bring A Tambourine To The NCAA Finals

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Wow, what a game last night right!? Congrats on your bracket or condolences on your bracket, please read only the part of that phrase that applies to you. Now that we gotten that basketball talk out of our system, let's discuss The Fray and how their rendition of the national anthem at the 2012 NCAA men's basketball championship tournament forever changed the way you'll think of this country. Or at least change the way you'll think about the committees who choose the national anthem performers at big sporting event. Because what was that and who thought that was a good idea?

This is a college basketball game. Not the episode of The O.C where Marissa Cooper overdoses on painkillers. If you're going to do a new take on the classic anthem, make it upbeat and exciting. Don't make it sound like you're putting music to a teenager's diary entries. Also don't bring a tambourine. There are very few times in life when one should bring a tambourine and I promise that a basketball game isn't one of them.

Poor instrument choices aside, who thought The Fray would be a good fit for this event? Was Snow Patrol booked? This was a college championship basketball game, 90% of the people watching the game were probably wasted. There was no need to go to my 2006 mix CDs to make a “different” choice. Just look at the top 40 and pick someone off that list.

I'm sure Drake or Willow Smith or Adele would have added their own spin to the song without making everyone depressed. So keep that in mind NCAA national anthem celebrity selection committee members who read Crushable — don't overthink this next year. Just choose someone cool.