The First Paparazzi Photos Of Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Smooching Are Here

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Hey look! Right up there! What's that you see? A couple of attractive and famous people kissing, is what. Taken, as all the best paparazzi photos are, from the POV of a serial killer. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Here are some more photos of the newish couple engaging in PDA, if kissing on the porch of a small B&B in Utah counts as PDA:

The observant observer will note that in addition to being photographed by Son Of Sam, they are simultaneously taking self-portraits of themselves canoodling, making for a truly postmodern moment. What's next, a picture of a smooching celeb taking a picture of a smooching celeb….who is himself, in turn, taking a picture of another smooching celeb? And the hall of mirrors collapses in upon itself.

Meanwhile, somewhere dark and quiet, Scarlett Johansson lets out a small cry of mortal ennui as she reproduces iPhone n00dz with ever more Velazquez-ian interplays of memory and perspective. What is reality?

(Via ONTD)