Open Thread: What Was The First Movie That Gave You Romantic Stirrings?

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Good afternoon, Crushable readers! In our constant quest to keep you up-to-date on what we talk about in the office and get your own take, we're trying out this open thread thing. This is the third one ever, as we've previously discussed TV shows that you wish you could force everyone to watch, and then alternately, the guilty pleasure TV shows you wish no one in the entire world knew that you secretly devoured.

But this week we're shifting gears a little bit off the TV wagon, and jumping on the movie bus. (That wagon was just really slow, y'know? I love oxen, but c'mon.) Anyway, the other day we were talking about the first movie that ever gave you…like…special feelings. Like little tinglings in your belly that made you wait until everyone was out of the room and then rewind it three or four or twelve times just to puzzle over the butterfly sensation in your stomach. For a lot of people I'm assuming it was something non-embarrassing like the first time they ever saw Jonathan Taylor Thomas onscreen, or that upside down Spiderman kiss in the rain, or something, but not so for me. Oh no.

That's why I'm going first, you guys, because there's no way any answer you could give is more embarrassing than mine.

Jasmine kissing Jafar in Aladdin GIF(via)

DEEP BREATH. It was from Aladdin, okay? That moment when Jasmine kisses Jafar in order to distract him from Aladdin's imminent escape. For some alarming reason, I saw those two cartoons kissing and thought YES ME TOO. Wearing a belly shirt and using my sexuality to manipulate someone I'm not actually interested in? Yes yes how nice more please — rewindplayrewindplayrewindPLAYYYYYY yes this feels good to my child brain YUM.

I…can't emphasize enough how truly terrifying this is to think back on as an adult human in the world. But there it is.

On the bright side, though I'm currently wearing a shirt that goes all the way to the top of my pants and dating someone who is not an evil vizier attempting to take over my father's kingdom Central Oregon software design business (hurray!), and I've now hopefully cleared the way for you all to share your equally perplexing first tingles with me.

(Please. Come on guys, don't leave me hanging, here.)