The Final Rose, After the Final Rose, After the Final Rose…

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So how many parts were there to this season's finale on The Bachelor? Within two days, I spent 4 of my hours watching the finale of The Bachelor. Pathetic? Yes and no. I'm a sucker for The Bachelor and no matter what I say will continue to watch seasons to come, however this season was different. It wasn't different because it was apparently “The most emotional after the rose ceremony ever” (as Chris Harrison, the host, said about fifteen thousand times) but different because I truly believe this season was rigged, and therefore couldn't take it seriously.

I think that they knew very early in the game, Jason Mesnick was into Molly, and that they were worried that would ruin the ratings and excitement about the season, so paid Jason big bucks to purposely not choose Molly at the end but would be allowed to go back to her afterwards.

First of all, Jason always cries. So why wasn't Jason crying when he was telling Molly that he was in love with someone else. Yes he broke into tears after she left, but it seemed far too easy for him the moment of. Something else to notice, Molly kept telling him that he was making a mistake. Umm, foreshadowing? Molly was fully aware of what was going on. Since when has someone left and told them that they were making a big mistake.  Jason asks Molly why she thinks this is a big mistake. If he was really in love with Melissa in the first place, he would hear what Molly had to say but wouldn't be so curious to hear why she thought he was making a mistake.

Jasons proposal to Melissa did seem real, but a little over done and over the top with the scenes they included afterwards. Since when do they have mini interviews about how they are both feeling and all jumping into the pool together? Come on.

What really pissed me off was the 3rd hour of The Bachelor finale on the Monday night where Jason breaks up with Melissa and later asks to get back together with Molly. Normally that after the rose is done live with an audience, and Chris tells the us that “this is the most emotional after the rose ceremony ever” so they have tried to keep it as intimate as possible. What does that mean? They have used 10 camera's instead of 30? They didn't do it in front of an audience this time because they knew that they would have to do some serious editing because they were all acting.

Melissa genuinely looked upset, but Molly knew exactly what was coming. She was ready to take Jason back in a second because she has been part of the plan the entire time. She would have been a little more cold towards Jason I think, as well as be a lot more surprised when she asked for her back. Jason asks if they can “go for coffee or something?” to talk things out, and by the end they are kissing as if nothing happened.

I do believe that people can change which is why people fall in and our of love. That being said, Jason falling out of love with Melissa and wanting to be with Molly is valid and acceptable. I don't think that is what happened here though, Jason was in love with Molly from the start but was forced to pick someone else so that they could have “the most emotional after the rose ceremony ever“.

I really hope I am wrong, especially because there was a kid involved (which was their first mistake). But I just think that everything ended way too Happily Ever After and I would love to get to the bottom of this.