The Fault In Our Stars Clip Proves Hazel And Augustus Are The Best Couple Ever, Also The Most Heartbreaking

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take a risk the fault in our stars

During tonight's MTV Movie AwardsShailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort debuted a brand spanking new clip from The Fault in our Stars. And now, after watching it, I couldn't be more excited to see this movie when it comes out in June. In fact, I'm so excited that I actually forgot that the two played siblings in Divergent last month. It wasn't until MTV rudely reminded me during the interview that I remembered all the weird incest we'd be watching this spring.

With that said, Shailene and Ansel have much better chemistry as star-crossed lovers than they did as dystopian siblings and this clip proves that this movie cast them perfectly. JUST PERFECTLY! Now excuse me, while I spend the next two months stocking up on tissues. Allllll the tissues, to be exact.