The Facebook Fan Page for Jenelle Evans’ Mom Barbara Is Hilarious

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Although Jenelle Evans is one of the titular Teen Mom stars, her mom Barbara Evans has emerged as a breakout character. There's a fan page for Barbara on Facebook, and the best part is that all the status updates and wall posts are written in the style of Barbara's distinct, sometimes unintelligible accent. Sample: “Was mortified today when Jacey Bear was playin' in the gahden and got into Juh-nelle's marijuana plant. By the looks of his handiwork, my daugh-tah's already taught him how to roll a blunt.”

I'm obsessed with Barbara's accent – she and Jenelle live in Oak Island, NC (trivia: that's my home state!), but Barbara's accent doesn't sound like any Southern accent I'm familiar with. Apparently, Barbara is originally from New England, so her accent is a weird mix of Southern and Northeastern. And maybe some other stuff. Frankly, I think they should subtitle her sometimes. And while we're at it, subtitle Jenelle's boyfriend Kieffer Delp, because he's so baked all the time that he starts to slur.