The End Of Jason And Sam

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The End of Jason and Sam alloy default image jpgI really hate it when The Powers That Be decides to break up a couple I happen to like. The new tortured couple on their list is Jason and Sam. Even though “the end” started last Monday, when Sam finally visited Jason to dump him it has been an event well-planned and executed for months. And it all started when Sam slept with her step-father Ric when Jason let her go after she got shot in the head with a bullet meant for him. In turn, Jason slept with Elizabeth that same night after witnessing Sam with Ric while Liz was hurting over Lucky’s infidelity. So it’s been a break up I knew that was coming.

When Sam watched Jake kidnapped, I knew it was going to be a deal breaker with Jason. But I am sooooooooo glad it was Sam who dumped his ass this time. Yes what she did was unforgivable in all capacity but giving Jason a taste of his own medicine was sweet in the end. She was right when she told him she will never be his priority. There will always be Sonny, the business, Carly, her boys and now Liz and Jake. Although I’m assuming Liz and Jake will come after Sonny, heh. Sam made a valid point when she said she was willing to share with him her daughter, her life but he was never in any way willing to do the same. And I almost kissed my TV monitor when she added the fact that Elizabeth is a hypocritical lying bitch coz I do believe she is. The reason she wants Jason to keep their secret is not about protecting Lucky from going back to his drug addiction. Nor is it about Jake’s safety. It is about keeping her goody-toe-shoes reputation. I agree with Sam when she angrily informed Jason that Liz doesn’t want everyone in Port Charles to know that she is a lying slut. Ummmm sorry, but there’s no other way to say it.

When everything comes out, which it will and soon, I hope Maxie gets on her butt for being a hypocrite. I hope Lucky as well. Oh he’s going to be hurt but I expect him to remind the way she made him feel guilty even though he tried for months to get her back but she kept throwing his drug addiction and his cheating ways to his face. At least with Lucky he was drugged out of his mind to recognize what’s right from wrong. Liz on the other hand has no addiction to call upon as an excuse. Unless her secret love for Jason can be termed as an addiction in itself 🙂 .

Sam takingher star necklace off and leaving it with Jason was the final step. Sam deserves better. She doesn’t need Jason, Sonny or Carly. Those trio is the most hypocritical bunch in Port Charles has ever known. I’m glad Sam has finally realized how being associated with them has turned her into a pathetic loser. Well she’s not having it anymore. Now will she tell the truth about Jake’s paternity? We’ll find out. I’m hoping not because I don’t want her to be treated as a woman scorned. I mean she is but she doesn’t have to be the one to spill the beans coz that’s just another reason Liz will twist and manipulate around to make herself look good on everyone’s eyes.

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