These Stars Are the Biggest Losers…At The Emmy’s

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With the Emmy's right around the corner, everyone and their mothers are happily awaiting the big day, predicting this year's winners and daydreaming about how awesome (or  not?) Jimmy Kimmel/his big prank will be. I thought it might be fun to prepare by taking a look back at some of the biggest losers ever to grace the red carpet. Losers at the Emmy's. Not life, or anything serious like that.

Courtney Cox: Friends ran for 10 years. That's a long time. I feel like 10 years as a lead on a wildly popular show provides many an opportunity for an Emmy nod. Which is probably why all the cast members got nominated at least once. Except for Courtney Cox. Her fellow leading ladies, Jennisfer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow, both WON Emmy's. Poor Courtney. No baby on Friend's, no Emmy in real life. It's okay, though. There's always Cougar Town.

Steve Carell: This guy is funny. The Office is funny. Odd that he was nominated 6 years in a row for outstanding lead actor in a comedy Series? No. Kinda funny, though, that he never won.

Jon Hamm: Ya know, the guy from Mad Men. The show that wins an Emmy, like, every year. But apparently being on an Emmy winning show does not an Emmy winning actor make. This is the fifth year Jon Hamm has been nominated for outstanding lead actor in a drama, and if history is any indicator, the fifth year that he will go home empty handed.

Michael C. Hall: Dexter always seems to come out on top. The whole being a killing machine and a free man simultanesouly, to me, says winner. Too bad that luck hasn't spilled over into real life for Michael C. Hall, though. Then he'd probably have an Emmy for playing Dexter instead of five nominations with nothing to show for it. Also, he was so good on Six Feet Under, that he never won an Emmy for that role either.

Susan Lucci: Susan Lucci played Erica Cane on All My Children for almost one hudred years. And she was nominated for outstanding lead actress in a drama nearly every year since 1978. Even though she FINALLY won her Emmy, in 1999, the fact that she had to endure 19 losses and was lampooned in the media for years gets her on this list.

Bill Maher: Out of all the losers, Bill Maher is the biggest. He's been on a longer Emmy-losing streak than any other actor. Ever. We're up to 27 now, I think? I don't know, he's lost so many times, I've lost count. I hope it stays that way, though, 'cause at this point, winning for him would probably just shatter his reality and send him into the depths of an existential crisis he may not recover from.