Hallelujah And Praise The Lord: Jinger Duggar Wants To Escape The Duggars

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In news so glorious that I'm tempted to spell glorious with a J, word comes from the heavens above that Jinger Duggar doesn't want to live the Duggar lifestlye anymore. But before you send her shorts, a tank top and a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, bear in mind that I may be getting ahead of myself here.

I'm just so excited that she's even planting the seeds for escape from the Duggars in this latest interview that I had to write about it as soon as I saw this the video. In a teaser for tonight's season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting, the older Duggar girls discuss what kind of man everyone should marry. Because in the Duggar family, that's completely normal conversation for teenage girls. Right in between ironing techniques and womb-enlargening exercises.

When they get to the 18-year-old Jinger, her sister Jessa Duggar says, “She might do good with a visionary spunky person, somebody that gives her coffee” and then adds, “She doesn’t want to live three hours out from civilization.”

As soon as her name's mentioned, Jinger lights up,  turns to the camera and pleads for a life in a city via smoke signals in her eyes. When her sister reminds her that she'll be happy no matter where she lives, the lights shut off in Jinger's eyes and she's all like, “oh, yeah, of course, definitely, I can be happy wherever I go” and retreats back into her future-Duggar-housewife mode.

But for a second we saw her breaking out of that mode and expressing her desire to be a free individual. It was like watching the classic “give us free” scene from Amistad. But with a girl in an oppressive jean skirt, rather than shackles.

Either way, the message's the same. Jinger Duggar got enslaved by a family that tore every letter out of the baby naming book besides J. While the other Duggars seem perfectly content with their life, Jinger's always been targeted by viewers as the girl who could escape from her fundamentalist upbringing.

And now, after so many good-hearted people commented in so many forums, she may be breaking free. She may be headed to the big city to learn all about life of a scrappy twenty-something woman trying to make her way in the world.

I just hope she doesn't want to bea writer. Because we already have too many Hannah Horvaths taking up space in our coffee shops.

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