Someone Needs To Explain The Difference Between A Holocaust And An Abortion To The Duggars

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Another day, another reason to hate the Duggars. This time around they're comparing the Holocaust to abortion. Because that's a go-to comparison for people who are trying to rile other people up enough that they donate to their cause.

In an interview that makes me foam at the mouth, Jim Bob Duggar enlightens us on how he reached this horribly offensive conclusion:

“A couple of weeks after we went to the Holocaust Museum it dawned on us that there is a holocaust taking place right here in America! More than 56 million lives have been destroyed in our country!” the couple said. “That is over 4000 babies being killed and 4000 women being wounded each day!

“We talked and prayed about what our family could do to make a difference in saving the lives of the unborn.

“We ended up contacting the national pro-life groups and asked them to all work together and pool their incredible resources to motivate and activate many people to get involved in ending abortion in America.

There's nothing I hate more than people who have the audacity to compare the Holocaust to anything that's not the Holocaust. It's not a synonym for “something I don't like” and it's not a word to toss around for political reasons. It's an event in recent history that resulted in the systematic murder of six million people. SIX MILLION LIVING AND BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS.  People who had jobs and lives and families and histories before being enslaved, tortured and murdered.

To compare their lives to the lives of developing fetuses disgusts me. You want to be anti-choice, fine be anti-choice. But don't make inane comparisons that attempt to say that what happens during abortion is anywhere near what happened during The Holocaust. It isn't. At all.

And the fact that the Duggars are doing that underscores why I hate them so much. While they're happy to go around pretending to be one big happy family who happens to be a tad more conservative than most, they're not. They're an incredibly religious family with extreme values who use their fame to advance their  agenda. They can pretend that their reality show's all about life with 19 kids, but it's not. It's just a vehicle for them to get more exposure on TV — and therefore get more support for their anti-women platform. It's disgusting.

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