“The Dream of the Romans” Now “Arlen Faber”

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The Sundance Film Festival will celebrate 25 years this January, and, as mentioned previously, Lauren Graham will be returning to Utah for the premiere of The Dream of the Romans, which is now entitled Arlen Faber, after Jeff Daniels' character in the film. Today, Sundance announced the official line-up of films, including the new title of Lauren Graham's film.

The movie is a comedy / romance about a reclusive author of spiritual books (Jeff Daniels as Arlen Faber). He is pursued for advice by a struggling single mother (Lauren Graham as Elizabeth) and by a man fresh out of rehab (Lou Taylor Pucci as Kris).

Lauren Graham's character, Elizabeth, is a chiropractor at the Straighten-Up Healing Center. Elizabeth and Kris both look to Arlen for answers he does not have. Arlen & Elizabeth fall in love and, in the process, heal not only themselves but also Kris.

Sundance will be the World Premiere for Arlen Faber, which also co-stars Kat Dennings, Olivia Thirlby and Tony Hale.

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Via ET Online ; Image: Newscom