Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator Trailer Shows Us Megan Fox But Not Anna Faris

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Did you know that Megan Fox has a cameo in Sacha Baron Cohen‘s new comedy The Dictator? The first official trailer for the movie — where Sacha plays a Saddam Hussein-like leader — came out today, and what's interesting is that we saw probably Megan's only bit in the movie, but not his love interest, Anna Faris.

It should come as no surprise that The Dictator is rumored to be based on Zabibah and the King, a romance novel written by the late Hussein. Obviously it won't follow the novel to the letter since Anna is not playing Zabibah, but it's clear from the trailer that this is a spoof of totalitarian leaders.

We see the dictator (who so far has no name, according to IMDb) oblivious to the hatred that Americans feel for him, similar to Sacha's other clueless characters Borat and Bruno. And then we get the scene with him and the Transformers 2 star, including a dig at the Kardashians:

For reference, here's what Anna's character looks like:

It seems they went for the sexy/powerful angle this time around, showing the dictator riding through the streets of New York and paying for the companionship of starlets. We bet the next batch of trailers will have comedy more front-and-center, with Anna's character probably prone to pratfalls.