Video: The Dictator Spills Kim Jong Il’s Ashes All Over Ryan Seacrest

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Just when the Oscars red carpet started to get a little stale, Ryan Seacrest interviewed¬†Dictator Aladeen (Sascha Baron Cohen) who clung tightly to his tennis partner's Kim Jong Il's ashes throughout the interview. While Ryan probably expected a few funny lines about what The Dictator was wearing (John Galliano and Kmart socks, in case you're wondering), I don't think he expected The Dictator to “accidentally” spill Kim Jong Il's ashes all over him as he was escorted away.

Ryan Seacrest, in his first unscripted moment of the night, looked shocked. But all we have to say is finally. Now someone has something ¬†interesting to say to “what are you wearing tonight?” Now we just have to wait for him to step off the red carpet so he can go find the long lost glam cam 360 and get his looks evaluated by Kelly Osbourne. I'm sure she'll think he looks absoultey ah-mazing.