The Dictator Launches Republic Of Wadiya Website

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The Dictator - Republic of Wadiya websitePart of what's making Sacha Baron Cohen‘s new persona/movie The Dictator do so well is that we're all in on the joke. With Borat and Bruno, the performer went around in-costume and embarrassed people, filming the pranks for the subsequent movies. But with The Dictator coming to theaters on May 11, the studio has been putting out in-character announcements and jokes that include audiences instead of alienating them.

First there was Supreme Leader Shabazz Aladeen‘s public statement about the death of Kim Jong-Il; now, the Republic of Wadiya has its own official website. You can read along in either Wadiyan or English, and learn about the weather forecast — like 30 Rock‘s mockery of North Korea, it's “sunny all the time” — as well as the history of this grand, oppressed fictional country.

Of course, the best part is Aladeen's biography, which charts his humble rise to power after his six siblings were killed in horrible Hot Wheels-related accidents, as well as his generosity to his country. Some selections:

His mother was an Air France stewardess who tragically died of an oxygen underdose shortly after Aladeen’s birth in 1982 – this fact means he is now 30 years old. Any photos you may have seen of Aladeen as a child in the mid-70s, including a great one of him at the premiere of Saturday Night Fever, were doctored by the corrupt Zionist Western media.

Tragically, Aladeen’s remaining three brothers perished in a typical suicide pact by simultaneously shooting themselves in the back multiple times with automatic rifles.

Part of his research managed to confirm that there’s not enough oxygen for a political opponent to survive at altitudes higher than 45,000 feet. In the same experiment, he confirmed that there is enough gravity at 45,000 feet for a political opponent’s body to return to Earth when thrown from an aircraft.

Aladeen also hosts, judges and competes in Wadiya's Next Top Model which he has won for a record 14 years running.

The site is worth poking around, including Aladeen's recommendations for other websites, like the “high end hookers” at Victoria's Secret and the “funny” Western joke site the UN Commission on Human Rights. Plus, it turns out Aladeen is a big fan of sporting events, as evidenced by this new TV spot about the Super Bowl: