Crushable Exclusive: Kelly Macdonald Discovers How The Other Half Gets Married In This The Decoy Bride Clip

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The Decoy Bride exclusive clip David Tennant Kelly MacdonaldWe've got an exclusive clip from The Decoy Bride, which is out in select theaters today and available through Video On Demand. Mayhaps you've heard of this indie screwball comedy, where a local Scottish gal has to stand in for a movie star getting married but finds herself falling for the groom.

Doctor Who‘s David Tennant plays nerdy English author James Arber, whose wedding to international film star Lara Tyler (Alice Eve) gets derailed when the paparazzi make it impossible to go to their dream destination. Lara's assistant (played by Ugly Betty‘s Michael Urie) thinks he's found a fix in the sleepy island of Hegg, from one of James' novels… but it turns out that the island is more dilapidated and gray than James made it sound, seeing as he'd never actually visited there.

While the assistant fixes up the island so Lara won't throw a hissy fit, he also hires local girl Katie (Kelly Macdonald) to be the “decoy bride,” especially with a crafty photographer on their trail. As you can see in this clip, Katie has a laugh when confronted with the lavish gift bags that Lara expects to hand out to their guests. Already you can see that James and Lara come from different walks of life and that he's going along with her expectations just to make her happy.

It's obviously true love.

The Decoy Bride is out in New York today, and will be out in LA next Friday, March 16th. Additionally, you can watch it at home: It's currently available on SundanceNOW, Cable VOD, Amazon Streaming, iTunes, and XBox ZUNE.